Soul Cards.

As we’re moving through such interesting times it’s helpful to get as clear a picture as possible on who we are and maybe most importantly why we’re here. Exploring the self is one of the most fun trails of breadcrumbs to follow. Clues to who we are. Most of us know know our astrological signs […]

Quite A Time In The Universe.

A visit through the ether from Chris Cornell. I’ll write more about this interdimensional scavenger hunt and some of the magic it’s brought soon, but for now, a small tidbit of the kind of magic that’s been at work in the last 5 or 6 months. As you probably already know, I’m someone who has […]

It’s Time.

By Amy Miranda If you told me that I’d go from writing a commercial for a Brita Filter to using one as an analogy for my healing work I’d have laughed you right out of the drum circle.  I actually did write a commercial for Brita, “Make A Better World, Just by Making Better Water”.  […]


You brushed in, and I felt the air you brought move past my face. You showed up like a rhythm that I remembered, but couldn’t name. You tell me you don’t want anything, cross your heart.You’re here not to take ,but to give. Then I hear your voice across the ocean of the Universe. Give […]

Chapter 25.

There was something formless and perfectbefore the universe was born.It is serene. Empty.Solitary. Unchanging.Infinite. Eternally present.It is the mother of the universe.For lack of a better name,I call it the Tao. It flows through all things,inside and outside, and returnsto the origin of all things. The Tao is great.The universe is great.Earth is great.Man is […]

Back to Normal

I’m sure you’ve said it too. When things get “back to normal”. I’ve stopped saying it. I’ve realized how much I didn’t even like “normal”. The pace of it, the breakneck back to back meeting schedule. The rush, the alerts, and notifications. It’s like we were all participating in some kind of terrible contest of […]

The New Paradigm

We are all living in a time of great shifts and changes. We have literally been sent to our rooms with a global pandemic, likely given to us in some way through the mistreatment of animals. This is a trend. Humanity for thousands of years has tried to bend natural order to our will. The […]


Where to even begin with Anubis. He was the first Egyptian God, or Ancient one who I ever felt a connection to. He is known as being an underworld God, the God of Death and embalming. However, the Egyptian Book of the Dead in which Anubis plays a central role, is actually better translated as […]

What was your first online handle?

Mine was Transcendz. I wrote under that handle for 12 years. It was prophetic in so many ways, just like so much of what we are when we’re young. We’re pure channels, we vibrate so clearly. It was like my soul knew what I was supposed to be doing before my body did. I used […]

Solstice Session

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