My goal is to work to be of service to assist in facilitating a reclaiming of authentic power for my clients. The work is done in partnership. We work together in this practice. I seek to empower my clients to learn how to glide & navigate more easily in life on their own. 

There is a simple code of conduct and ethics for working together with me at Ascension Institute: 

Medical Disclaimer

Amy employs modalities and techniques that impact human energy. It is the soul, or the energetic field which is being worked on when we are in ceremony or session.

Clients experience positive changes as a result of energetic healing. Energetic healing heals works to release trauma, restore power and renew our spirit. Although positive physical impacts are sometimes reported, energy healing works on the patterns behind physical issues . We cannot claim to cure physical issues directly. Though some clients do experience physical healing as a result of continued practice. Not appointments, but personal practice. We are committed to providing clients with personal practices to do ongoing work.

We believe in holistic healing and support pursuit of other modalities whether traditional or alternative medicine, movement, acupuncture, massage, dietary changes, or even an increase in daily exercise. Shamanic healing is an incredible resource, but it is imperative that it not be used as a replacement for medical advice or treatment. We do not claim to treat or diagnose any medical conditions.

By scheduling an appointment, you confirm that you have read and understood this medical disclaimer and our ethics & mission