What if we actually did get an owner’s manual for this whole life on Earth thing and we’ve just forgotten how to read it. What We’ve Forgotten The Retreat is an interdimensional scavenger hunt for the soul.

I’ll remind you of what you may have forgotten about the magic of life and touch on what we’ve come to know about being human – including how we have gotten so far off track. We’ll work to reset what we’ve have come to know about living, reinstate your sense of wonder and reclaim your magic.

Each week we will dive into the work and overview of practice, and you’ll be able to use these skills right away. Each time we’re together we will share our experiences, developments and tune our workings. Whether you’re new to Spiritual work, or a seasoned professional What We’ve Forgotten is always a new adventure to explore the wonder within as the work is as much about the people joining each session as it is about the work itself.

Each iteration of What We’ve Forgotten Retreats seem to come with their own magic and medicine as it’s not only about the time we share, but about what happens when we move back into the world. That’s part of our interdimensional adventure. Think, Spiritual Goonies.

Session 1 – Knowing

Session 2- Receiving

Session 3 – Becoming

Excited? Great, let’s do it.
To express my gratitude for those who have purchased the book, there is a special Gift and Discount for those who provide proof of purchase. If you need a book or oracle as part of the in person retreat we can include this for you in the registration

The Details:

1 module each week for 3 weeks Community is ongoing.
Each session is 3 hours which includes over 60 minutes for discussion and connection.

Space is limited. Register Early.
Scholarships available (please indicate if you are applying for one)

Early bird registration is open for both sessions – $200 until June for July sessions.

Next session – Virtual – May 14, 21, 28 6-9pm – Sacred Supper Edition SOLD OUT

Next session – In Person (Wellington County ON) July 7, 14, 21

By Registering you are agreeing to the house rules.

Requirements to register:
1. Be open to the idea that maybe this is all much simpler than we’ve made it out to be and that this is sacred stuff but we’re going to have a sense of humor.
2. Don’t be an asshole to yourself, or anyone else.
3. That you accept this is a treat. Not just for you but for everyone taking part. We’re all entering into a sacred contract together. That’s because you’re going to spend some time with your soul, and perhaps even more impactful the soul’s of other people you’re going to meet through remembering.

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May 16, 7pm – Enchantments & Lucky Charms

May 16, 7pm. Register Now. Space is LImited.
🧚When we think about lucky charms we may first think of cereal, instead of a sacred, or enchanted object, but people have been creating protective and lucky objects for thousands of years. You may already carry something lucky or sacred, perhaps it was a gift or found object? Something presented from nature, or gifted to us by someone special? We can also create something lucky or sacred, enchanted even – with our own energy.

We all carry that kind of magic, and together we will invite in some wonder and delight. In this workshop we will begin by reminding you of your own powers of enchantment and then lean into the gentle work of creating your own sacred object. Working with natural and found objects you’ll be guided in bringing to life a protective lucky charm to hang in your home or office, as we remember the wonder in the details and the forgotten art of enchantments.

Feel free to bring an object or supply (jewelry, old keys, feathers, bells, utensils, ribbon or trimmings, beads) from your own collection which you might be willing to part with to share as an offering toward someone else’s sacred object on this enchanted evening.



Oddities Flea Market is making its debut in the Emerald City for the first time. Amy (and What We’ve Forgotten) will be included as a part of the first Oddities Flea Market in Seattle. Ryan and Regina are amazing humans and I am so looking forward to seeing them, and you! The market will take place June 15 & 16 at AXIS Pioneer Square. I am delighted to be able to offer Spiritual Guidance in the form of oracle readings, mediumship, wonder and magic. Get your tickets now. The event is sponsored by Atlas Obscura

Save the date for an extraordinary experience, featuring the most unique and fascinating oddities, curiosities, and eccentric finds.

SATURDAY, June 15, 2024 – 11 AM – 6 PM PT – SUNDAY, June 16, 2024 – 11 AM – 6 PM PT



Tired of the same old conversation? Feeling a little disconnected from what used to feel like a time to recharge at the end of your day? This is not your average dinner party. The format is the only thing you’ll know going in, what you gain coming out?

A sacred circle, lot of wonder, and hopefully a little bit of magic.
Same rules apply here that apply in the Temple of Wonder (see above rules for Registration for What We’ve Forgotten, or in the book).

Sacred Supper Format:


What We’ve Forgotten is collective liberation. This 90 minute workshop is a compressed adventure for these times. Think of it as an emergency shot of community and wonder.

We’ll leave you with 2 key tools for personal change and spiritual revolution to put you back into the driver’s seat and tow you out of the muck. Global change happens in moments of self care too. Life doesn’t have to feel as overwhelming as the world. We have tools, trust me. I trained for this. We can reclaim our authentic power and change the world

Yes we can, and yes we will. The Uninvited have had enough time at the table.


People have been making lucky charms for about as long as we’ve been drawing on the walls of caves. Don’t get me started on those other lucky charms (did you know you can put them in the microwave to fluff the marshmallows?). Back to crafts, part of making something lucky is doing something that’s far more disney princess than villain, enchantments! When we witches (enchantresses if you prefer) work with crafting we use found and repurposed objects : this is part of the fun. To create amulets and talisman we use what we have available Join me for a variety of witchy workshops to reinstate the enchantment back into your orbit – literally, you leave with your own enchanted creation.

WITCH ACADEMY: What We’ve Forgotten – For Kids!

Witch Academy isn’t as much about Witchcraft as it is about nature and crafts. This is where we remind you that “witch craft” really is just crafting with nature. Witch Academy is built on 4 sessions which can be completed in sequence, or ad hoc. For children ages 7-11.