I can’t expect you to visit me for healing work without sharing a bit about my own journey. Firstly I’m a creative. Secondly, I’m a witch.

I’ve been into magic since I was a toddler (ask my Mum) I asked for my first witch hat when I was 2 and a half.  I still love magic as much now as I did then (the shows and stories have since become more organized). I spent two decades of my life as an Internationally awarded executive producer. Now I’m a full time healing practitioner.

How did that happen?
By magic.

A few years into my creative company, Lunch, things should have been perfect, but the traumas of my life were catching up to me. Something just didn’t feel right. I had lost my spark. I’d run out of steam.

Through synchronicities (or breadcrumbs as I like to call them) I crossed paths with the man who would become my teacher, Daniel Leonard of The Medicine Circle.  I thought “What could it hurt to see someone who helped heal for a living?”

It didn’t hurt. It changed everything.

It was like getting a new pair of glasses and suddenly things were crystal clear. I was finally able to name the trauma I had never spoken of. My father had started sexually abusing me before I could even talk.

As I started my own healing journey I had one of those divine experiences people talk about, and I was called to practice. Not only did I seek healing, I sought justice. I trained. I returned to my roots, and I began working with clients… not as a producer this time, but as a witch focused on wonder.

I am a hereditary witch with connection to magic on both sides of my family tree. My paternal Puerto Rican Grandmother’s maiden name is literally Pagan. I grew up a colonized Catholic via my Filipino roots and on the other side my Great Great Grandfather was a circuit preacher and minister with the United Church of Canada.  Light work courses through my veins. I am a channel, a medium, a light worker. I work for, and with the energy of divinity itself. The Light. The Force. In Star Wars terms, I’m a Jedi, not a Sith. You could say my own father is a far more evil dude than Vader. So, i’ve got some very real experience with the darkside.

Magic is how I’ve survived a lot of things in my life. It’s how I managed to turn my own trauma into triumph, and transmuted poison into medicine. It is my honor to help you do the same with yours.

My forthcoming book “What We’ve Forgotten” on RISE Books, (12/12/ 23) distributed by Simon & Schuster is an adventure for the soul. It seeks to remind us that life is an intention driven scavenger hunt and in my experience, following the clues brings great treasure.

So let’s go get it. I look forward to the honor of working with you.