Hi. I’m Amy Miranda. I am both an Internationally awarded executive producer and a healing practitioner. How did that happen? By magic, and because, life. In 2012 a few years into my new company, Lunch, things should have been perfect, but the traumas of my life were catching up to me (you can read more about those here). I felt that something was missing. I felt I had lost my spark and run out of steam.

At the time I felt so stuck and I thought doing some healing work might be worth a try. I wasn’t super woo-woo but what could it hurt?

Well, it didn’t hurt. It changed everything.

Energetic growth often feels like you’ve suddenly been given a 10,000 foot view. Healing is inherently about ascending to your higher self. I’ve survived a lot of things in my life. I have lived through tragedy and tribulation and I got to the other side. So, I couldn’t just be an Executive Producer anymore. I had to bring all the skills to the table, it’s all arts anyway.

I now work with clients around the world to help them reclaim their sense of wonder and magic. I’ve had the privilege of producing a lot of amazing stuff, and helping a lot of incredibly creative people build their careers (and brands).

My forthcoming book What We’ve Forgotten: How to know become and receive the magic within is a collection of what I’ve learned so far in my practice (and life) that helped me turn trauma to triumph. I hope it will also help you to glide through life more easily. You’re never too old to reclaim your sense of wonder?

Ready for some magic?

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