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I’ve been into magic since I was a toddler (ask my Mum) I hustled her for a witch costume when I was 2 and a half.  I still love magic as much now as I did then (the shows and stories have since improved, promise.) I’ve made it my life to share how to reclaim it in yours.

I am both an Internationally awarded executive producer and a healing practitioner. How did that happen? By magic.

In 2012 a few years into my company, Lunch, things should have been perfect, but the traumas of my life were catching up to me.  I felt that something was missing,  something just didn’t feel right.  It was as if I couldn’t seem to get back to being as engaged with life as I used to. I felt I had lost my spark –  I felt like I’d run out of steam.

Through many synchronicities I crossed paths with my teacher, Daniel Leonard who founded The Medicine Circle.  At the time I felt so stuck and I thought healing might be worth a try.
What could it hurt to see someone who helped heal for a living? It didn’t hurt.

It changed everything.

I felt like I’d gotten a new pair of glasses I hadn’t known I needed. I’ve since learned energetic growth often feels like you’ve suddenly been given a 10,000 foot view. Healing is inherently about ascending to your higher self.  That’s always been important to me (some still know me as my first online handle from 1995, Transcendz).

In 2015 I had one of those divine experiences you read about where it feels like the skies open up, and I was called to practice. I started doing healing work under the name of Ascension Institute. It felt too weird to just use my name. I was a business person, an entrepreneur and suddenly I was working as a witch. I’m okay with that now. I’m a wonder witch. No shame. That’s what my sister friend Jen Pastiloff would call #shameloss (she’s a witch too, btw).

What does that mean? Witch?

It means. I practice magic. I channel. I am a medium. I work for, and with the energy of divinity itself. The Light. In Star Wars terms, I’m a Jedi, not a Sith. This is also where I tell you Jesus himself was a Shaman, a Witch. He was crucified for it, as so many teachers on the planet have been. We carry on the work of co-creation and healing with light.

I work with many different healing arts, or modalities. Truth is, I have been practicing magic most of my life. I am a hereditary witch (my paternal Grandmother’s maiden name is literally Pagan). I come from a line of psychics and seers. I grew up Catholic, and my Great Great Grandfather was a circuit preacher and minister with the United Church of Canada.  This work courses through my veins.

Magic is how I’ve survived a lot of things in my life. How I have managed to turn trauma into triumph. Poison into medicine. It is my honor to help you do the same with yours.

I hope I can be of service with what I’ve learned so far to help you to rise and glide through your life more easily. It’s a beautiful intention driven scavenger hunt, and we can reclaim your wonder about it. If I can do it, you can do it. I seek to empower, inspire and enlighten through my work. Illumination, and connection are my mandates. Wonder and magic are my favourite words, I also like chips.

My forthcoming book “What We’ve Forgotten” on Rise Books, (Dec 2023) is a collection of what I’ve learned and isn’t just about magic, it contains magic. This book is currently being offered in retreat format, so you don’t have to wait until 2023 to get started.

Magic is about connection. For a lot of years I didn’t know what connection was. I thought I was too broken to be fixed.
That was bullshit.

We’re all perfect for our purpose. Let’s reclaim yours.

With immense gratitude, 


Please feel free to read more about my experience, ethics and mission here.

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