You brushed in,

and I felt the air you brought move past my face.

You showed up like a rhythm that I remembered,
but couldn’t name.

You tell me you don’t want anything,
cross your heart.
You’re here not to take ,
but to give.

Then I hear your voice
across the ocean of the Universe.

Give me your hands.
Put them right against mine.

I hesitate.
You nod and I hear your thoughts.
“Do it”
And when I do I see my future, my past, my present.
Everything. All at once.
And I know now.
I remember this song.

You wrap me in a full moon blanket.
and carry me back to the place where we came from.

Blessing or curse.
We’ve always found a way.
Why would this be any different?
Catapulting together through time.

I thought you were lost,
until you told me you were found.
Your breath against my ear.
Through the veil,

I hear your voice.
Your eyes pierce, right into my soul.
You know what I’m made of.
It’s in us both.

Your energy takes me above the storm.
My ears burn with the soundtracks you left me.
I can’t think about how we were both here and I just missed you,
but you knocking on my consciousness like a window is enough fuel.
I’ll finish the journey.
I’ll see you just up ahead.
Waiting for me,
right beside the place from which we came.

For now I’m left behind,
but you see through my eyes.

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