Where to even begin with Anubis. He was the first Egyptian God, or Ancient one who I ever felt a connection to. He is known as being an underworld God, the God of Death and embalming. However, the Egyptian Book of the Dead in which Anubis plays a central role, is actually better translated as the “Book of Going Forth By Day.” Anubis is the guardian of the gates, the walker between worlds. He is, the first Shaman. He is also the teacher of transfiguration and according to Ancient Egyptian mythology, the reason why human beings have a soul. He was the one who vouched for humans to have a chance to ascend to live forever in the field of reeds. To walk in light. He is the one who advocated to the Gods to allow not just the Pharaohs the chance at eternal life, but all humans. He is who is said to meet us to walk through the halls of judgement when we leave our bodies and who weighs our hearts against the feather of Ma’at. He is the one who reminds us of our divinity and prepares us to move into the full depth of our being.

He is not a God of death, he is a god of life and all that it represents. Without death we don’t have any rebirth, and as we move through cycles of change in our human life it’s important to remember this cycle. No change happens without death. No ascension occurs without change. Anubis teaches us that there is nothing to be afraid of. That we can tip the scales and balance our hearts in life, not only in death and that we can build relationships through space and time by learning the ancient teachings of the soul.

Anubis is one of my favourite helpers. He is direct, helpful and enjoys giving us breadcrumbs of meaning in our every day life, he shows us that connection between worlds and reminds us that we are in fact, everywhere and that life is a magical gift. We have the opportunity to use these lessons in our life to ascend into our soul purpose and walk in light into the field of reeds.