Solstice Session 2020


Feeling Anxious?

Why and what to do about it.



Some call it enlightenment. Some call it Solar Consciousness. Astral being, Astral Body. The ancient Egyptians called it eternal life. It’s Ascension. It’s our connection to the divine.

“There is no loftier mission than to approach the Divinity nearer than other men, and to disseminate the divine rays among mankind.” – Beethoven.

In human realm, material realm. We are part of ordinary reality. We exist as material. Mind and Body, but there’s something else. Spirit. Energy. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or believe in a higher power. You are made of star stuff. Energy runs through you as long as you are alive on this earth, and for some, after.

Ascension is our birthright. We’ve had so many creative, philosophical and spiritual human beings live on the planet who have tried to explain. So many gods, goddesses, ,prophets and seers. They’re all the same. They’re all human beings who stood so closely to their divine light. To the soul, the spirit, the energy that lived inside of them.

They all tried to tell us the same thing. We are light. Light is love. We are all part of this current. The energy moves through us. The Tao. The Flow. The All. The Way.
The Universe is bigger than we are capable of understanding. We’re meant to have a sense of wonder. We are meant to imagine, to dream. It’s our birthright. So is enlightenment. There’s that word again, Light. Where does light come from?

Space. Sun. Stars. Shine.

The pyramids were not tombs. They are arrows pointing at the sky. Everything we are, everything we have ever been. Everything we will become is there. Up. That fire, like the sun, it lives inside of us. When our human bodies can no longer function here, they die. Our spirit, our soul, our consciousness. It does not die. It can, for some, live forever.

Enlightenment or ascension is just the beginning of the possibilities that exist when we leave our human experience. For the immaterial, spirit, soul consciousness. Our – solar consciousness. Our light being. Non-ordinary reality. The As Above, to the So Below.

Enlightenment is the ability to be in the present moment completely. Not only in mind, but in body and spirit. This is the ascension, when we realize that we have a personality, an ego, but we also have a consciousness. A solar consciousness inside of us, the spirit. The soul. We become aligned as a being.

This is why people refer to walking a spiritual path, walking in light, being in practice or on a healing journey. This is how we build the vehicle in our consciousness outside of ego, outside of personality, outside of our human life experience in ordinary reality to allow our consciousness to develop a place, an inner garden or landscape to exist outside of the body. This is “astral travel”, this is shamanic journey, this is part of Ascension.

It is this that the ancient Egyptians described in the first book of magic, The Book of Going Forth by Day (The Book of the Dead). This was why they represented the items one would need in the afterlife. They were in touch with their spirit, they saw the fields of Aaru

They tried to leave as much behind as they could to explain to us how to enable our consciousness to withstand human death. Spiritual leaders have tried to impress upon their congregations how this works, unfortunately capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism got in they way for so many people. We lost our sense of human. Spiritual teachers are so on point because they are light beings who have CHOSEN to return to help. Ascended masters can choose to return to the material/physical realm, because they have achieved not only ascension, or enlightenment – they have built a practice and connection to the current that is the light, that is so strong, that it can withstand even human death.

Humans over complicate everything.
It’s not as hard as they want you to think, this is truly what we have forgotten.

Want to learn? I’m ready when you are. There’s only one thing I ask when we work together – you have to pass it on.


2020 is for Warriors.

Cosmic Collage Via Lori Menna

So, here we are. We have a climate crisis. We have division. We have a Pandemic.

We have truth and reality literally smacking us all in the face.

There’s been an escalation of truth in the last 3 years. For better and for worse.

From 2018 to 2020 we saw #MeToo collapse previously untouchable giants. From Cosby to Weinstein. We are witnessing cancel culture. We are watching people be held accountable in popular culture. We are witnessing the fall of old patriarchal power structures.
We’re also seeing the truth of the world’s wealth and financial divide. We are witnessing the failure of government. We are witnessing the uprising of people around the world calling for better. We are witnessing the truth being screamed from the mouths of children. We are facing failures in the systems we thought there were to protect us.

Prior to the Trump presidency, so many were asleep at the wheel. The side effect of Trump has been unification of the good. Discussion and education about the bad, and the understanding that evil is man made. We have created hell here. We did this. We did this by worrying more about Kardashians than we did about our own lives. We did this by subscribing to the power structure designed to hold us down. We will change it by rejecting those and remembering who we are and why we are here.

This ego driven, designer instagram filter world has made so many people apathetic. We have forgotten our real power. We are wild. We are unfiltered. We are not meant to be flawless on the outside, Our souls are perfect. We are all radiant and full of light. We are warriors of magic. This is not just about a virus, it is about the side effect. Self isolating. Cancelling of things people have deemed “important” like sports, or cultural events. The climate crisis hasn’t been connecting for people. Until it floods their town, or burns their forests. Starves their home of life. Now, a plague that doesn’t discriminate either. How curious.

It is time we remember why we are here. It is time we put down the distractions. Stop complaining, Stop being so angry and realize that we are being provided omens, signs, and the biggest one of all. The side effect of this virus.

Slow Down.


Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To…

You may not associate Wu-Tang Clan with healing, but The Rza does.
His book the Tao of Wu is one of the best books I’ve read about Art & Spirituality.
I grew up a huge fan of Wu-Tang’s music but also the collective strength of multiple artists. All individual stars, coming together to form a galaxy.

I modeled my own company around the same ideals. I was able to meet Bobby (The Rza) and share that with him during a visit to one of his movie sets a few years ago. We talked about Taoism and the moment he told me that meant the most was when I pulled out my copy of the Tao of Wu. He signed it for me and it sits on the altar beside my bed with the Tao The Ching and a few other important texts.

Rza has been doing a daily meditation, and it’s great. You can enjoy it here

Another resource to stay centered during this pandemic.

“Confusion is a gift from God. Those times when you feel most desperate for a solution, sit. Wait. The information will become clear. The confusion is there to guide you. Seek detachment and become the producer of your life.”

― The RZA, The Tao of Wu


Pandemic Talk – March 2020

Things can change in an instant, and they did.

Now what?


Survivors of Sexual Violence & Assault this is for you.

This is everything I wish someone would have told me as a survivor and I want to share it with you. I never thought I would go to the police. I never thought I would feel the way I felt before. I never thought I would reclaim my power and forgive. I’ve done all of those things now. It wasn’t an easy road but I have walked it. For most of my life I didn’t know exactly what was wrong with me, but I knew something wasn’t right. It took almost 33 years before I was able to say it out loud. I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by my father. Getting “better” started with me realizing I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t remember a time when I was truly happy, or where I felt entirely safe. It didn’t matter how safe or happy my life was. I was constantly feeling like I was getting ready to escape. Sometimes I was suicidal. Most times I was just really good at wearing a mask that I wanted everyone to see. Who was under that mask, I didn’t feel anyone would want to look at her. She was broken and dirty.

I had to sit facing the door wherever I was. I needed to know how I would get out if I needed to from any situation. I had trouble with flying on planes. Certain smells would make me feel dizzy and nauseous. I tried to maintain power and control in every situation I could. That’s what I learned to do to survive. My experiences in childhood weren’t the only experiences I had.
Unfortunately once you have a trauma such as this, it’s as if we vibrate as prey. It was sometimes like I was a magnet for creeps.

I’d gone to traditional therapists through the course of my life. I’d done some body work. It would help in the moment, but it was I felt like I couldn’t contain the emotions to even begin to talk about them. I didn’t have the capacity. It was like carrying around 1000 extra pounds. Then one day, through a series of synchronicities, that all changed.

I heard about something called a ‘soul retrieval’. I understood it to be a restoration of power. It was a ceremony performed by a shamanic practitioner. I understood it to be through the use of percussion. By that point, I was ready to try anything and I thought worst case scenario, a light worker works on me for an hour or so and that’s not a bad thing. Best case scenario, things improve.

The latter happened. It was as if I was reminded who I was at my core. That feeling of being broken and dirty began to fall away. I began to devour Sandra Ingerman’s book “Soul Retrieval.” I realized something as I was reading it. Sandra Ingerman is psychotherapist who in searching for a solution to dissociation, found that Shamanic healing practices that are tens of thousands of years old (and found in every culture around the globe) provided an answer.

As human beings we are mind, body and energy/spirit. We have a body, a mind and a soul. When we go through a trauma. We experience physical impacts, mental impacts, emotional impacts but we also experience energetic impacts. This can result in anxiety, depression, addiction, and disorders such as PTSD. Typically survivors also describe not being able to do the things they could do before, that they don’t feel the same way they did after the experience.

Sometimes we are medicated, or we go to traditional therapy. Sometimes we do body work, trauma release exercises – but what was missing from the equation for me was the energy work. I simply didn’t have the capacity to feel better. I didn’t have the capacity to process my feelings because I simply didn’t have the energy store.

If you imagine energy is like water, and we as human beings are the vessel. As we experience trauma, illness etc. in our lives we can feel and experience that we somehow have less energy. The Shamanic answer to this is called soul loss, or power loss. The idea that some of the energy in your body actually leaves us during severe trauma and shock and that through ceremony a shamanic practitioner can work to help restore any energy that was lost due to pain, trauma or illness. It made total sense to me, and It worked for me.

It enabled me to go back to traditional therapy, do outpatient sessions with the head of the women’s program at CAMH in Toronto, receive a formal diagnosis of PTSD but it also enabled me to do things I never intended to do, such as forgive my father, try to seek justice, speak out about my story but most importantly. I received a clear calling to practice as a shamanic practitioner. I’ve spent the majority of my life and career as an executive producer. I am an entrepreneur, but i’m also a witch. Making things happen as an executive producer is not much different than working with healing clients. I am here in service to help bring dreams into reality.

Working with survivors of trauma is the most important work I’ve done in my life. It’s better than any of the awards I’ve won, or the campaign results I’ve helped bring to brands. It is life changing and fills me full of happiness and wonder. I never thought I’d feel those things again. I never thought I’d be able to put down my fear. That I’d be able to confront my abuser. Those things aren’t for everyone, they only became goals for me when I got better. I realized I could, so I did.

I was lucky that I found the right mix of modalities to help me heal and reclaim my power. I told my story before #MeToo. It was terrifying but it allowed survivors to find me and for me to find them. In the last few weeks it’s been really challenging for so many survivors. So many of us don’t get the justice from the system that we deserve. I was moved to write because I want every survivor to know. You do not have to stay in the place they brought you to. You do not need to feel broken, stuck, or that you don’t feel like you’re the same person you were before. We are the ones with the power. It is ours to reclaim. When we work in collaboration with the energy that fuels us we can reclaim our joy, our love, our wonder and ourselves.

I’ve walked through the underworld many times, I am here to help guide you out if you need me. You do not have to do this alone. Remember you are three parts. Mind, Body and Spirit. Each part of you matters and each part of you deserves to hold all of your light.

They were the moths, you are the flame. Light that torch.

Let’s light up the dark.


Everything I needed to know about Revolution I learned from Chuck D.

I’m over simplifying a bit here; because in truth, there’s a lot of components to my activism and attitude regarding the systems designed specifically to oppress us – but it started with Chuck D. I’ve been thinking about the spirit of revolution a lot lately as 2019 moves to a close.

Portrait of Chuck D (Acrylic on Canvas, Amy Miranda 2008)

It’s been a year of revolutions all around the world. Literally across the globe. The beautiful thing is that all of us, every single protester, resistor and activist carries essentially the same hope for massive peaceful revolution in their hearts. That much is obvious. Most people want peace and justice and there is now a majority of human beings on the planet who see the truth, that these systems aren’t working. They were designed to serve one part of society and one part only. It’s time for the tide to turn.

So as i’ve been thinking about what that could look like, where we could go, and how it could evolve, I’ve waxed poetic about where this fire came from. I have it in my ancestry, (one of my ancestors tried to start the Scottish Revolution). I know that remains in my veins but where it started in this life, what lit me up. Public Enemy.

Everything I learned about fighting white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy came from Chuck D.
I learned, soaked it all up like a sponge, about the systems, and history of systems that were specifically designed to oppress us – through Rap. Through Hip Hop. It all started with “Fear of A Black Planet” By Public Enemy , then I moved back, and “It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back”.

From the literal anthem “Fight the Power” to “Black Steel in The Hour of Chaos” . I learned more about activism, black history and peaceful spiritual militance from Chuck D.

Yes, this is a healing practice, but part of my journey through the healing arts & witchcraft inherently is activism. The work I focus on now is about the revolution of the soul. It’s about working with clients and community to create individual change and agency within one’s own life in order to take up the appropriate space in the world, within your unique purpose. Because, we’re literally being shown that the way we have been living is grinding to a halt, that we need to root ourselves in what is right for the majority of beings on this planet. We need to ground for the peaceful battle and revolution ahead. I don’t believe one can be Spiritual on this planet right now without being an activist. Creator/God/Spirit/Universe – your higher self understands that were are all connected, that when one of us is suffering we are all suffering. We are in the fight of our lives as the white supremacist capitalist and colonial patriarchy is in its death throes.

My soundtrack, since I was a kid for when I need to go head to head with the patriarchy has been Chuck. His activism, intelligence, lyricism, not to mention his booming and beautiful flow make him my personal go to for powering myself up. So, in thinking about what is to come for 2020 (newsletter goes out tomorrow for January) it felt perfect to salute one of the people on the planet who helps me to do the work I do, who helped me walk through the dark night of the soul, and who grounds me in my own power to fight another day.

We’ll win. This fight, and we’ll do it our way.
Chuck D taught me that. Public Enemy taught me that.

I’ll leave you with my intention for 2020. Shut the White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy, and the systems they have created to oppress us for the highest good, best possible outcome with ease and grace and I couldn’t say it better than, PE. – Shut’em Down.

As a bonus – A great little interview below with Chuck regarding Hip Hop as a force for social change. Here’s to education, balanced communication, authenticity, integrity, abundance and peace for all in 2020.


Healing Trauma

When you grow up in trauma & you don’t heal it, you will choose trauma until you do.

Art by the Amazing Lori Menna @ Cosmic Collage

I chose men who abused me over the men who loved me. 
I chose friends who didn’t care about me over those who did.
I chose protecting people I shouldn’t, because that was what I was trained to do.
I chose pain over peace.
I chose substances and alcohol over being present.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Then, one day –  something changed and I chose me and every day since that’s how it’s worked.

One day at a time. One foot in front of the other.

As I walked the path – I realized the common denominator in all of my pain was me. I realized I had been carrying around layers of trauma, I  realized losing my best friend took part of my soul, I realized my relationship with my father had never been appropriate, and I realized I couldn’t ever remember a time where I felt truly safe. 

I realized I’d spent my life running and building this false wall of popularity, addiction, manipulation and lies that could protect me from what was I was carrying inside of me. 

Layer by layer, bit by bit I did and am continuing to do the work (that’s why it’s called a healing journey, because it is).  I’m learning. I’ve faced my truths. I’ve unpacked it. I’ve sought justice, and mostly I’ve gotten it. I ’ve evicted the abuser archetype from my life and most importantly from my own head. I have set down addiction and enjoy sobriety. I accepted my PTSD. I stopped running. Now I try to be of service to help other people walk through the darkness and into the light. It’s our right. We don’t need to live in the dark. 

It’s the greatest work of my life to be able to see people just like me, find out that isn’t a life. It’s a construct and a cage that trauma puts us in. We can free ourselves from past bondage. We can live in harmony and glide more easily through the waves in the flow of life –  (smooth sailing isn’t life on earth – it’s about being in the right kayak). 

We can heal. You are NEVER too broken  to be fixed. You are not what happened to you. You are a light. Your power is your story and your story is your power.

Hang in there. We got this – the best part is when you heal yourself, we heal the world. When you are in balance, so becomes your relationship with the world around you.

When you’re ready. I’m ready.


The Season of the Witch?

Image result for greta thunberg
Greta Thunberg – Photo ℅ Evening Standard

We are in the midst of massive transition on this planet. Humanity is in a state of change and evolution. Evolution hurts. It is not an easy process. For the last 3 years we have been experiencing truth on a level many hadn’t been aware of. The systems that built modern society are crumbling.

White Supremacist Patriarchy, Capitalism, Colonialism. Organized religion. We are seeing the cracks in the very foundation of what the Western world was built upon. Not surprising really, given the lack of stability in these systems meant to hold us down, to hold us back, to control us.

When most of us think about the archetype of the Witch herself, we think of the patriarchal version, the evil crone. The one who eats children, and makes deals with negative unseen forces. These were simply the lies told to steer people away from spirituality and into organized religion.

Oracles, Shaman and Witches are not evil, most in fact are bound by codes and conduct governed by the very laws of nature, universal law and justice. These archetypes have been demonized in order to divide us from our own divinity. Ironically, the teachings of one of my favourite guides Jesus Christ, are more shamanic than most people want to admit. Jesus held counsel with witches. He did not spew hatred or division. He spoke of unity, and shared what we are all as human beings capable of. We are co-creators in this reality. We are all part of both seen and unseen worlds. Ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality, on earth as it is in heaven – or as above, so below.

We have come to a crossroads now. A time where we have become at odds with the systems that support our very lives on this planet. We are watching climate change’s destruction of so many ecosystems and beings. Yet, so many don’t believe. Don’t see what is right in front of them. This requires fierce compassion. These people, the ones denying the truth, eyes covered to the horror, are the ones who have been indoctrinated the most with the systems of man. The systems designed to control us, are working on them. We cannot face them with hate. We must face them with fierce compassion and love.

Why? Why should we send love to those who send hate?

We should reflect love and truth because the systems that these people have been fooled by are crumbling. They will fall. We will dismantle the systems that are killing us, and we will build new ones.

This is already happening. We are watching the fall of governments around the world, we are witnessing mass protest, mass organization, instantaneous communications world wide. The web of life, which connects all life, all humans, was once just energetic. We could send hatred to people, and it could take a long time for it to make its way around the web back to us. Now these pathways are moving faster. People are waking up now, opening their eyes to the idea that perhaps the truth is that those who created these systems did not do it with love in their hearts, they created these systems to ensure some people had more power than others. That these systems are quite literally killing us. A few powerful men are deciding the fate of all humanity.

This is the result of witch trials (the real ones, not the ones the patriarchy keep calling out). This is the result of patriarchy, misogyny and capitalism, now as we watch people die on the internet, as we see fires burning up beings that will take hundreds of years to replace, as we see flooding so severe places are becoming uninhabitable. We see common messages. We see migration, we see the rise of the Indigenous peoples around the world who we should have been listening to the last 500 years, we see the rise of the archetype of the witch. Have you heard that word more often in the last 3 years?

That’s not an accident. It is our return. It is our season. This is why we are here. Witches are activists BY nature. We are activists FOR nature. When magic was a part of our daily lives we did amazing things. This magic is not just for men, for the rich, for the powerful, it is for all of us.
It was always for all of us. We each carry the perfect power necessary for our purpose on this planet. Your gift is your magic. You are born with it. It is in your soul. I don’t think there’s any better example of the power of purpose right now, than the 16 year old who has risen to global recognition. Greta Thunberg perfectly personifies the archetype of the witch. Whether she self identifies as one, or not, I haven’t seen any one in recent history who has literally become a voice for the elements on a global scale the way she is. She is a messenger in a time where so many men try to silence us, and she will not be silenced. Her power is quiet, and gentle – but when she roars we feel it in our bones. This is not an accident. She is a beacon, one of many rising in the world now. The season of the witch is upon us, and I welcome you to the time of uprising, change and transformation.

So, wake up Witches. We need you. All corners of the world, all beings of light, all those in service to love. Welcome to the season of the Witch. It is time to stand up, for this time we will stop them.

A poem for Greta. A poem for you.

She travels by wind and water.
Though, so many spew hatred on her.

She speaks for those without a voice.
She lets us know there’s no more choice.

We are here now to turn the tides.
We must listen, feel and open our eyes.

For some of you this may make you twitch,
This is the archetype of the witch.

With activism, honor, and magic we fight.
We will not stop until all is right.