2020 is for Warriors.

Cosmic Collage Via Lori Menna

So, here we are. We have a climate crisis. We have division. We have a Pandemic.

We have truth and reality literally smacking us all in the face.

There’s been an escalation of truth in the last 3 years. For better and for worse.

From 2018 to 2020 we saw #MeToo collapse previously untouchable giants. From Cosby to Weinstein. We are witnessing cancel culture. We are watching people be held accountable in popular culture. We are witnessing the fall of old patriarchal power structures.
We’re also seeing the truth of the world’s wealth and financial divide. We are witnessing the failure of government. We are witnessing the uprising of people around the world calling for better. We are witnessing the truth being screamed from the mouths of children. We are facing failures in the systems we thought there were to protect us.

Prior to the Trump presidency, so many were asleep at the wheel. The side effect of Trump has been unification of the good. Discussion and education about the bad, and the understanding that evil is man made. We have created hell here. We did this. We did this by worrying more about Kardashians than we did about our own lives. We did this by subscribing to the power structure designed to hold us down. We will change it by rejecting those and remembering who we are and why we are here.

This ego driven, designer instagram filter world has made so many people apathetic. We have forgotten our real power. We are wild. We are unfiltered. We are not meant to be flawless on the outside, Our souls are perfect. We are all radiant and full of light. We are warriors of magic. This is not just about a virus, it is about the side effect. Self isolating. Cancelling of things people have deemed “important” like sports, or cultural events. The climate crisis hasn’t been connecting for people. Until it floods their town, or burns their forests. Starves their home of life. Now, a plague that doesn’t discriminate either. How curious.

It is time we remember why we are here. It is time we put down the distractions. Stop complaining, Stop being so angry and realize that we are being provided omens, signs, and the biggest one of all. The side effect of this virus.

Slow Down.