We are all living in a time of great shifts and changes. We have literally been sent to our rooms with a global pandemic, likely given to us in some way through the mistreatment of animals.

This is a trend. Humanity for thousands of years has tried to bend natural order to our will. The great separation where humans decided we were smarter, and that we had better systems and rules than the Universe could ever have dreamed. It’s evident this is not the case. We as humans have created systems that hurt each other. Capitalism, Patriarchy, Colonialism and more. We have learned how to hate each other, how to keep people hungry and unhoused. For what?
It’s no wonder the universe stepped in. You’d think we’d know from books like The Bible that nature can bring upon us massive change. We saw this when life came to an abrupt halt in 2020. Everything stopped.
Everything we thought we knew about life changed. We’d been warned. We’d been told. We’d had plenty of notice. We collectively thought we could keep moving at that pace, moving against nature, being out of sync in a permanent masculine cycle.

It’s as if we’ve learned nothing from nature. There is balance, there are cycles, there is cause and there is effect. We are now experiencing the effects. How long, and how much is up to us. We have a world wide communication system. How we choose to use it, how we choose to change, how we choose to literally do unto others…

This is the new paradigm. The shift back to nature. Vibrating with nature. Returning to balance. For some of us it’s excruciating to watch because we’ve already re-calibrated, (or perhaps you were never out of balance) either way we are watching as our fellow humans are over complicating everything, fighting, killing each other and our planet. We will only move forward as a collective when we have tipped the scales. When the majority of the collective is awake to the truth of where humanity stands. We are on the brink of returning to magic or descending to chaos. Human beings are rising above the ordinary and remembering the true meaning of connection, of spirit, of soul. The understanding that when one of us is sick, all of us are sick. We can’t continue this way.

We have to move into our light, and out of this density and pain. Anger is shitty fuel. We have to learn how to transmute, how to radiate our light, and how to shine so that we show up in our lives in ways that positively impact everyone we meet.

It doesn’t have to be this hard. It never had to be this hard.

We are moving into a time where we will reclaim the understanding that we are not only mind and body. We are mind, body and spirit and when we ignore this facet of our being life is harder. When we vibrate in harmony with our spirit, our own unique star stuff the world opens up. You’ve had a GPS for your life all along. Most people have just forgotten how to use it.

It’s time to remember.