Chapter 25.

There was something formless and perfectbefore the universe was born.It is serene. Empty.Solitary. Unchanging.Infinite. Eternally present.It is the mother of the universe.For lack of a better name,I call it the Tao. It flows through all things,inside and outside, and returnsto the origin of all things. The Tao is great.The universe is great.Earth is great.Man is […]

The New Paradigm

We are all living in a time of great shifts and changes. We have literally been sent to our rooms with a global pandemic, likely given to us in some way through the mistreatment of animals. This is a trend. Humanity for thousands of years has tried to bend natural order to our will. The […]


Where to even begin with Anubis. He was the first Egyptian God, or Ancient one who I ever felt a connection to. He is known as being an underworld God, the God of Death and embalming. However, the Egyptian Book of the Dead in which Anubis plays a central role, is actually better translated as […]

Solstice Session

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Solstice Session 2020

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Some call it enlightenment. Some call it Solar Consciousness. Astral being, Astral Body. The ancient Egyptians called it eternal life. It’s Ascension. It’s our connection to the divine. “There is no loftier mission than to approach the Divinity nearer than other men, and to disseminate the divine rays among mankind.” – Beethoven. In human realm, […]

2020 is for Warriors.

So, here we are. We have a climate crisis. We have division. We have a Pandemic. We have truth and reality literally smacking us all in the face. There’s been an escalation of truth in the last 3 years. For better and for worse. From 2018 to 2020 we saw #MeToo collapse previously untouchable giants. […]

Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To…

You may not associate Wu-Tang Clan with healing, but The Rza does.His book the Tao of Wu is one of the best books I’ve read about Art & Spirituality.I grew up a huge fan of Wu-Tang’s music but also the collective strength of multiple artists. All individual stars, coming together to form a galaxy. I […]