Q&A Tuesday

Question: from loving_vibrations via instagram

“Hey! Hope you dont mind us asking…. We were wondering what techniques you use to find your own balance and inner-peace in this world?”

Answer:  We made a video which relates a bit to this today which we’ll post, but this is probably the most asked question lately, given the state of things right now on this pale blue dot. The important thing to remember is that we have (humans) been here a long time. So the fact that we are here now, the ones who survived, not bad. Not bad at all. That’s not a bad place to start. I find thinking about the past, makes me more hopeful about the future. For example, thinking about all of the people who had to make decisions to get to you even being here. That’s a good one to put things into context. It always leads me to the place where I just feel really grateful that all of these people (for the most part) made the best decisions they could for the future. That’s amazing. So even if I don’t feel accountable to myself to try to be balanced and positive, I feel accountable to them. I believe this is why honoring ancestors is such a big part of so many cultures around the world. It’s a great way to practice gratitude. The second thing I do is spend as much time as I can in a day with nature, now that could mean I greet a squirrel, or that could mean I have time for a walk, whatever I can reasonably do. I try to do it. Slowing down and vibrating at the speed of nature for a bit (without a smart phone) will bring you back into your heart. Its hard not to watch birds, or any bit of nature for any length of time and stay in your ego. Another way. DANCING! or just bopping around to a favorite song. Taking the time to move around and zone out for a few minutes is really grounding and balancing. Sometimes I like to imagine that me moving is helping aid in the peaceful and smooth transition for humanity. Using your imagination and taking yourself out of routine is a great way to stay balance and have some moments of inner peace. If you do it before your day, it’s something you can go back to throughout the day if I’m having a challenging time. Especially if I danced anywhere near a mirror. Having those funny snap shots in my day helps. I almost think of it like fuel. The more joy I put into the tank, the better. Not just for me, but ideally for anyone who comes into contact with my energy. The last thing, which is one of my favorite ways to connect, and feel peace is to think about Space. I think about how amazing it is that we are here at all, and how incredible it is that we have survived this long, and how magical it all is. I find that to be a great motivator for staying positive as well, because I feel like we have this big chance to do something special and we need to do our best. It’s about doing our best in the moments, with the only thing we can control in life- our own intention. If we focus on doing our best, showing up in the world, and being present in the moments, you’ll find the days get easier. Thinking more about what we need to do and who we need to connect with in the moment, helps to achieve groundedness and inner peace. So that’s another thing, connecting with likeminded people who really fuel you. I try to connect with my closest friends as often as I can, it helps me to stay energized, to share with people vibrating at the same frequency.