Healing Trauma

When you grow up in trauma & you don’t heal it, you will choose trauma until you do. I chose men who abused me over the men who loved me. I chose friends who didn’t care about me over those who did.I chose protecting people I shouldn’t, because that was what I was trained to do.I […]

The Season of the Witch?

We are in the midst of massive transition on this planet. Humanity is in a state of change and evolution. Evolution hurts. It is not an easy process. For the last 3 years we have been experiencing truth on a level many hadn’t been aware of. The systems that built modern society are crumbling.

Amulets, Talisman & Charms

Ever since I can remember I have created amulets & charms. Collections of special objects, carried, worn, stowed or hung to back up an intention, represent a feeling or a moment. I am known for my collections and eccentricities. My altars and objects. Adornments galore. As a little girl I hid these treasures away from […]