Ever since I can remember I have created amulets & charms.

Collections of special objects, carried, worn, stowed or hung to back up an intention, represent a feeling or a moment. I am known for my collections and eccentricities. My altars and objects. Adornments galore.

A recently unearthed Sorceresses kit from Pompeii

As a little girl I hid these treasures away from the world, perhaps due to the unconscious and inherent understanding that it wasn’t safe to share such magic. Now though, as a woman, I know the world is ready and needs more magic than ever. We are finding objects in Egypt and now the ancient city of Pompeii, when magic was still a part of our daily life. Amulets and charms were created to hold intentions, or other positive properties to benefit the wearer, or owner.

Ancient Egyptian Amulets

Most of us have let go of such objects in our daily lives but reminders of our magical past are coming through as clues to what we’ve forgotten. We used to live in mind, body AND spirit. We used to have individual relationships with the divine. We believed in magic. When we lost this wonder, we lost our connection to the very magic that exists all around us. When we create physical representations of our intentions, wishes, or goals it’s as if we are embodying that intention in it’s physical form. As above. So below. On Earth, as it is in Heaven. We had the tools we needed to help us glide through life more easily. It is patriarchal, colonial and capitalist systems that told us not to believe, who burned witches, who organized religion to control.

With Spirituality, we are stronger, more clear, more sure, and those are the things that endanger the very systems developed to control us. It’s time to shed that skin, and return to the magic around us, to notice the clues, the return of great civilizations through their antiquities, arising out of the earth. Literally to remind us that we were great once, and how we did it. The Egyptians didn’t build the pyramids alone. They used the gifts at their disposal. It’s time we do the same. Start small. Start with an amulet, talisman or charm.

I’m available to create something special for you. It can be charged with all of your dreams and wishes, as part of ritual work – or just as an object on its own. A few of the amulets, charms and talisman I’ve created are pictured below. Some are for the home, and some are meant to be worn. Each was created with specific purpose, intention and protection for their owners.

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