What if I were to tell you that how you’re feeling at this very moment is how most human beings on the planet are feeling right now?
That you are not alone. That this is all a part of a massive shift back to how we’re meant to be living on the planet in 2017. Consider that regardless of where you live, where you’ve come from, or what you’ve been through that all of the people in your ancestry who lived before you laid the groundwork for you to be here at this moment. Right now. For this transition. That you are meant to be a part of the change. A part of the solution, a part of getting back to our purpose.

Consider this, for a moment. So many of you are having such big challenges, hurdles, and heartbreaks this year. It’s so important to recognize that this is a year of shifts and change. Human beings have never been so out of sync with the natural order of life in all of our time on this planet. We have disconnected from nature, from one another, and most critically, ourselves.

We spend so much of our time thinking about the future, about the past, and about what is happening in other people’s lives. What if I were to tell you that all that matters, really matters, are the moments? Being present. Operating from our hearts and souls, rather than ego. That putting your phone down to check in with yourself is actually the best thing you can do, for yourself, for your family & friends and for the planet right now. We are all here for a reason. All of us.

This year, and for the last few years, you may have been feeling lost, uncertain, unsure, trapped, locked in, hopeless. Or maybe you just haven’t been sure of what the point of it all is.

This is part of our collective journey. Our collective awakening. Every single being on this planet has a reason for being here. I’m sure of this because I’ve come out of that place, and remembered who I was meant to be. You can too. It can get better. Human beings have gone through a time of immense ego for many decades now. We have measured our success based on what we can accumulate. How many followers we have. How many likes we get. How much money we make. We have utilized inauthentic power. Inauthentic power is money, greed, ego.

The thing about inauthentic power is, its finite. It has an end. There’s a bottom. It is not infinite. We are witnessing that now. We as human beings have reached the bottom of the barrel. We have pillaged our own planet, we have treated everything as if it is replaceable, we have forgotten our past. We have prioritized all of the wrong things. All of the things we will not be measured by. All of these things. All of this stuff. It means nothing. We have forgotten our connection to one another. To community. To faith. To love. We have become almost parasitic. We have been asleep at the wheel. We are witnessing this as a collective species right now on Earth. We are not evolved. We are murdering one another, our animals, our flora, all of the things we actually need to keep us alive – and by all accounts “happy”. We are stuck. Collectively.

But here’s the good news. You CAN remember. You can change your current means of fuel from inauthentic to authentic. You can vibrate out of this. We can move from being fueled by ego, to being fueled by our soul.
You only need one thing. Intention. You need to have the intention to heal. We are all not “okay” or “fine”. We’ve been saying it too long, it doesn’t make it true. Most of us are not fine. We are carrying pain, trauma, fear, shame, anger, and all kinds of other uncomfortable things. We can put those things down and replace them with happiness, love, kindness, balance, health, empathy and compassion. I know this because I’ve done it.

I’ve personally been able to lay down my rage, pain, trauma and ego to replace them with happiness, love, gratitude, compassion and balance. We can be free of shame.

We have all of the tools we need to be able to free ourselves. We just need help to remember. I am here to help. Part of coming out of my own healing was coming to the realization that I didn’t just feel the need to help others to find their purpose and rid themselves of shame, was that I was compelled to do it. I believe in the future, but what is most important to me is the present. That we aren’t spending those moments in so much pain, shame or trauma that we aren’t able to enjoy the moment as it happens because we’re trying so hard just to keep our heads above water. We can vibrate higher. We can be more than fine. I promise.

If you’re ready for me. I’m ready for you.
You can do it. I know you can, because I did.