It’s a time like no other. We are more connected to one another than we’ve ever been, yet we are more disconnected from each other then we have ever been. We have for the last 50-60 years been focused on capitalism and consumption. In the last 10 years we’ve focused on other people. We’ve watched Kardashians, Housewives, Apprentices. However, we’ve lost touch with our community, our family, our natural world. We also lost faith. Systems, organized religion, these things we had inherited for generations, the churches, the prayer, the things that often weren’t imprinted with the right amount of reverence. We all searched for meaning, through consuming, through surgery, through money, through power, through others. We somehow vibrated right out of ourselves and became predatory to ourselves again, we reverted. We also blindly trusted. We assumed all of these governments, systems and decision makers, that they all had our best interests in mind. We thought someone was minding the shop. It’s now 2017. We are more connected now than we have every been. We are moving in more unison than we have in generations. We are choosing to wake up, millions of people around the world are remembering that we are a part of a system which is far more intelligent than ANY human beings have ever created. We are a part of nature. We are able to vibrate and connect right into the power of the Universe, The Stars, Planets, the Earth, of one another, of ourselves. We have just been asleep at the wheel.

Consider that for a moment. Think back. Human beings built pyramids. Human beings evolved and survived. We learned about our world. Human beings around the world for the last 50,000 years also have used the same techniques (percussion) to heal others. But then we forgot. We discovered power, greed, we entered into the realm of pure ego. And here we are. Our planet is in peril. Literally. We are in apocalyptic times. The Ocean is dying. The land is being literally fractured and raped. Our planet is in trouble. And, It’s our fault. All of us. Together. We all had a hand in this, and it’s critical we all take our hands off of the panic button and place them on our hearts. We did not survive and evolve to be this. To do this. We did not. We cannot. Our ancestors, relatives, they never wanted this for us. This is where I have faith. I truly believe that we are finally in enough peril where we are literally watching the worst of humanity drive us all into a brick wall. Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go with them. I don’t think life on Earth deserves what we have done. I think we can fix it. I choose to believe that if we all put our hearts, minds and intention to connecting, and leading with understanding – maybe even letting Women have a go at driving for awhile. Let’s see where we can take this. Because, I think, we’re just waking up. If we all, as we wake up, bring even just one person along. We’re already winning. I know there’s so many of us who care. I know i’m not the only one. If you don’t have hope, I’m going to have enough for both of us. Okay?

It’s ok to admit that our systems have failed us & we’re broken. Change is the one thing life promises us. We are united in love. We will win. Keep pushing. Every day. If you’re not feeling hopeful. You’ve come to the right place. I am going to keep you motivated. We are turning this around, it’s a big ship to turn, but we are going to do it, and we all need to take the wheel.
We need a lot of hands to turn this thing around. I look forward to working with you, whether through connecting in this way, or through actually working together in healing practice. It’s time. And I’m all in.

– Love – Amy

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