[ Microcosm ]
I was thinking last night, i was thinking about *rave*, *Plur*, *the scene* whatever you want to call it. I speak not of the *party* but the mentality. The mentality of this technology driven generation that we live in…..I suppose that is the real *techno*. This generation which has created a safe haven for itself within Plur, within *rave* within Music. The generation which has gone back to its tribal roots. Back into the jungle if you will. ( We all know about my fascination with the *jungle*) My question…what is going to become of us? Some of us are already trying. working to make a difference in this wild world, but some of us are stuck. Some of this techno-babied generation is caught in a horrible web. Instead of helping ourselves we hinder ourselves. Pumping our bodies full of impurities and hurting these amazing machines we have been given. Preach i will not. Those of you who receive my monthly writings know well how I feel. Be careful. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing new world. Never before has the earth seen such production, communication, technology, and population. In so many years we will be running this great planet, can we break out of this *microcosm* called the *rave* and bring the beautiful mentality of this generation with us into our future. Each of us has spoken about the importance of survival, the survival and revival of our *scene*. Let’s not simply *revive* it, let’s repair it. Repair ourselves. THINK. Think about all that lies ahead of us. Eliminate the synthetic ecstasy and restore the real thing.

[Beyond Rave ]
Where it all begins is where we let it. The whole “rave” mentality is respectable, you enter the rave and you become enthralled by the vibe. It grabs you, Been dancing up a storm all evening, trippin like crazy, looking into the eyes of everyone and seeing outrageous things, suddenly the music grows more intense, more intense, like these thick syrupy thuds and smacks growing faster and faster, it’s the sound of the insides of a body making love, it’s the sounds of a heartbeat roaring in my chest as I am jerked about by powers beyond my control, I am liquid, I feel as if I have transcended in my musical tastes and I have reached musical enlightenment through my savior , the throbbing bass which penetrates my thirsty ears . The beat that sends me into a frenzy when it bounces off of my ear drums…..I have said I will never cheat ….but when the bass ascends from the speaker it penetrates me harder than any human ever could….the jungle moves through my very soul. a gut feeling of all living things all over the world that only we humans have forgotten, it’s strong, pounding, incredible with this slowly rising roaring howling sound, getting louder and louder and we stare into the lights which flash at us, seeing their intent, it overwhelms us, there is only the deafening sound and energy now, every centimeter of skin in my body electrocuted in a state of insane radiant LIVING, each cell screaming at the top of it’s lungs I DON’T WANT TO DIE I AM ALIVE and the roar grows louder and louder, I look at his face and say “WHAT IS HAPPENING?” and tears are running down my cheeks and his too, we’re holding on to one another for dear life, the music isn’t even recognizable anymore and our bodies are buzzing too strong and loose to know what we’re doing, suddenly we realize there is something here, the power of all of us, the tribe gathered inside this microcosm of love and respect and peace, ! it is here, pointing in our faces, it is the head of a monster dragon roaring at us how DARE we forget what we are? We are all, thousands of us, howling with it in recognition and our insides are coming out and everyone sees. The passion is so intense there is no room for identity or time or memory, it lasts forever and in all directions in an indescribable manner! everything is so visceral and surreal it’s horrifying and ecstatic at the same time. And then the emotion washes past and the noise screeches forwards and the crowd of all of us tear after it as the fastest drums the world have ever seen come back to kick us back into action, all holding hands and locking eyes now, all dancing and crying and smiling smiles which never occur in the normal world – smiles so alive and hungry that we know then it is all just beginning forever! It is so draining that occasionally our legs give way and we have to hold on to one another to stay up, catch our breaths a little or go to a room where water can be got, hard to find our way in the electric emotion of the place but we do. We are lighter than air, energy radiated from the hidden reactors modern life keeps on chill-mode all day. Hours later I am finding myself on a floor still awake with all of them lying down now and what world are we in? The sun is coming up, onto the lake, I am thankful, for everything, for all of them. Not for those who struggle with what it is about, but those who know, who feel it, who have defined it themselves. a fresh new day and my muscles are tingling, my head buzzing, my body draped over his and hi s over mine….So I ask…Does the “commercialism” matter, can’t we accept the fact that they will never feel what we truly feel, we are a modern tribe. In the technological world. “They” have opened Pandora’s box, it’s for us to keep the hope inside. Live Beyond the Rave, PLUR+ H , hope.