Sign Up Free – Shine Your Medicine Ceremony

I’m excited to be speaking in the Shine Your Medicine Ceremony and share how I break through fears & offer my unique gifts.

Do you feel a stirring in your soul to provide a true light in the world? Even though the world may be dark and bleak at times…or especially for that reason? Whatever you’d like to do to provide that healing light through your calling, I’m with you. 

That is why I’m so excited to let you know about the Shine Your Medicine Ceremony that my friend Torie Michelle Feldman is hosting. This FREE online series of sacred conversations is empowering and life-changing. 

Torie is a sought-after Leadership Coach for Medicine Women. She is passionate about helping women get crystal clear on their soul mission and empowering them with practical tools to make that a reality through a unique blend of shamanism and confidence coaching. That is what the Shine Your Medicine Ceremony is all about. 

I am among the 21 experts that were interviewed by her, along with other priestesses, shamans, mediums, intuitives, and new-paradigm entrepreneurs who have all mastered the art of how to break through their blockages and serve their heart-medicine freely without fear. 

This is a ceremony full of deep magick, awareness of our guides, and transformative techniques. A truly heart-centered space is created as Torie will lead an opening, blessing ceremony to begin these conversations and a closing, sealing ceremony to end. By signing up, your energy will be part of the flow, and the collective energy of all our intentions is what will charge this work. 

To all you light workers, mystics, and intuitives who feel the CALL of the Medicine Woman within— this ceremony was created especially for you. 

Step into your power. Clear your doubts and fears. 

Imagine if you had the confidence to do what speaks to your heart without any fear of judgement, failure, or not being good enough. 

Come join us as we explore this path with you, showing you the tools you need to know, and what’s helped us on this journey. 

Let us walk with you. 

This event starts on April 4th. Join now by clicking here. 

Torie believes the earth needs us now. I believe that too. Do you?