Some call it enlightenment. Some call it Solar Consciousness. Astral being, Astral Body. The ancient Egyptians called it eternal life. It’s Ascension. It’s our connection to the divine.

“There is no loftier mission than to approach the Divinity nearer than other men, and to disseminate the divine rays among mankind.” – Beethoven.

In human realm, material realm. We are part of ordinary reality. We exist as material. Mind and Body, but there’s something else. Spirit. Energy. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious or believe in a higher power. You are made of star stuff. Energy runs through you as long as you are alive on this earth, and for some, after.

Ascension is our birthright. We’ve had so many creative, philosophical and spiritual human beings live on the planet who have tried to explain. So many gods, goddesses, ,prophets and seers. They’re all the same. They’re all human beings who stood so closely to their divine light. To the soul, the spirit, the energy that lived inside of them.

They all tried to tell us the same thing. We are light. Light is love. We are all part of this current. The energy moves through us. The Tao. The Flow. The All. The Way.
The Universe is bigger than we are capable of understanding. We’re meant to have a sense of wonder. We are meant to imagine, to dream. It’s our birthright. So is enlightenment. There’s that word again, Light. Where does light come from?

Space. Sun. Stars. Shine.

The pyramids were not tombs. They are arrows pointing at the sky. Everything we are, everything we have ever been. Everything we will become is there. Up. That fire, like the sun, it lives inside of us. When our human bodies can no longer function here, they die. Our spirit, our soul, our consciousness. It does not die. It can, for some, live forever.

Enlightenment or ascension is just the beginning of the possibilities that exist when we leave our human experience. For the immaterial, spirit, soul consciousness. Our – solar consciousness. Our light being. Non-ordinary reality. The As Above, to the So Below.

Enlightenment is the ability to be in the present moment completely. Not only in mind, but in body and spirit. This is the ascension, when we realize that we have a personality, an ego, but we also have a consciousness. A solar consciousness inside of us, the spirit. The soul. We become aligned as a being.

This is why people refer to walking a spiritual path, walking in light, being in practice or on a healing journey. This is how we build the vehicle in our consciousness outside of ego, outside of personality, outside of our human life experience in ordinary reality to allow our consciousness to develop a place, an inner garden or landscape to exist outside of the body. This is “astral travel”, this is shamanic journey, this is part of Ascension.

It is this that the ancient Egyptians described in the first book of magic, The Book of Going Forth by Day (The Book of the Dead). This was why they represented the items one would need in the afterlife. They were in touch with their spirit, they saw the fields of Aaru

They tried to leave as much behind as they could to explain to us how to enable our consciousness to withstand human death. Spiritual leaders have tried to impress upon their congregations how this works, unfortunately capitalism, patriarchy and colonialism got in they way for so many people. We lost our sense of human. Spiritual teachers are so on point because they are light beings who have CHOSEN to return to help. Ascended masters can choose to return to the material/physical realm, because they have achieved not only ascension, or enlightenment – they have built a practice and connection to the current that is the light, that is so strong, that it can withstand even human death.

Humans over complicate everything.
It’s not as hard as they want you to think, this is truly what we have forgotten.

Want to learn? I’m ready when you are. There’s only one thing I ask when we work together – you have to pass it on.