What Comes Next

Thank you for your interest in what I hope will be the largest artistic and philosophical collaboration of all time  I also hope it is a revolution of love, awakening, healing and change. It’s both art project and social experiment. We are at the crossroads. There is one way forward (together). We are at a […]

What We’ve Become.

We didn’t start out this way, disconnected, affected and bleak. We had everything that we needed, we weren’t always this weak. We evolved to a life filled with spirit, magic and grace. We built pyramids, great civilizations, even visited space… But something else happened. In the need to succeed. We found money, capitalism, patriarchy and […]

Join the Revolution

We are at such a crucial time in our history. If you know me, you know I talk a lot about changing things, making new systems and leading a revolution of love with fierce compassion. Current systems aren’t working. It’s time we choose a new way forward. This is not affiliated with any political movement, […]

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