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Thank you for your interest in what I hope will be the largest artistic and philosophical collaboration of all time  I also hope it is a revolution of love, awakening, healing and change. It’s both art project and social experiment.

We are at the crossroads. There is one way forward (together).

We are at a crucial point in humanity and I believe it’s time we connect as individuals around the world to build new systems for the future.

The world is on fire. We are in peril. We all feel it. There have been beautiful uprisings around the world, new communities, resistance, this is something people around the world are feeling. Too many people are living in poverty. Too many people are without hope. Too many hurt people are hurting people.

So I did what I always end up doing, I thought about what I personally know how to do, and what my reach is, and how I could help. What could I actually do in this time of transition and change to be of service to community on a greater scale.

I’ve had the pleasure of working on a lot of beautiful things in my career as an Executive Producer.  I’ve helped mobilize lots of people in my career in advertising, literally being a part of campaigns that are designed to reach millions of people, I’ve helped build influence for brands and artists, I’ve helped plan rallies and marches. But, I wanted to think bigger.  

What kind of tangible thing could I offer? How could I try to take the advice I try to give others about using their unique magic to show up in the world. Not everyone shows up in the same way, that’s okay, we need you all.

I’ve also had quite a life, and I do work as a healing practitioner. So,  I thought about those skills coming together holistically through my healing practice, Ascension Institute.

That’s what we need to do right now, ascend. This world is not a reflection of what we are capable of. We all know that, it’s a big job but I’m going to offer my experience and my services to this project. I had to do something and there’s one thing I know about making massive things happen, it has to be done together. Collaboration works best when there’s a cohesive objective.  

So this is the beginning, this is the start, this is the framework. We are the architects of this project and I am donating my experience to doing what I can to grow this, use this platform to reach the people who change the systems.  Being an executive producer is all about building the right time and finding the right people. It’s part magician, part alchemist, part clairvoyant. It’s knowing the kinds of people you need to move the idea from a vapour, to a tangible reality living in the world.  

This is my open brief. This is my invitation to you. I’ll create the framing, but I need collaboration, and community to build a real foundation of change.

The first 500 people to join in will be also be the architects of this movement. The group who  decide who the next 500 will be. This is a one-to-one project in the tradition of storytelling and sharing, with built in accountability. Each of the first 500 people will have the task of inviting one person in to the project, and so on – but the structure and speed of this growth will be up to all of us.

This project/revolution will grow with people who are willing to help nurture it. Its as much a social experiment as it is an art project. If you want to get involved in the planning, contribute ideas, or collaborate, email with the subject line – Collaborate. As a collaborator you will be an architect of the project. The first round of collaborators will be hand picked by me. I’ve had the great opportunity to collaborate with incredible creators in my career and life, and I can’t wait to bring what i’ve learned to this project to help bring more connection and community.

How big will it get? How much will it grow? How much can we change? It’s entirely up to us.

We can’t sit back without mobilization. There are too many fires burning, too many people dying around the world.

We need a frame work, we need a stake in the ground that tells the story of the world we need to get to – fast. We need mass, we need an army of good hearts. Simple actions can make massive impact when there are thousands (or more) people acting in unison.  

We have the tools and resources to do this, but it’s going to take a lot of us. We need all kinds of different people to build a new kind of world.  For this to work, we need people around the world building community – one to one. Person to person.

I am confident it can be done. 

We can return to living in balance with the natural systems of our World and in communities. This isn’t a pipe dream, it doesn’t have to be hippy dippy. I’ve learned in my career of making stuff that there’s a producer for everyone.  I believe the same about community. I hope this gives birth to similar grassroots, mobilization efforts. About real people, sharing real stories and wishes for change. We are never going to agree on everything, but what I think most of us can agree on now is that this isn’t working.

There’s a lot of people who are drowning, and a lot of people who watching from their yachts – both figuratively and literally. So we need to get to those people, the ones who haven’t gotten it yet. Once they wake up, they will get in the game.

I know we can do this, in part, because I’m a recovering jerk. I was asleep once too.  I was hateful, I was angry. I was contained in my trauma. I learned through experience that  that hurt people, hurt other people. Since then I’ve been focused on trying to lead with love and fierce compassion.

We need some ferocity right now, but we do not need hatred, division, or violence. This is a peaceful movement for the greatest possible good.  The survival of the soul of our species. Your ancestors didn’t go through everything they did to have you sit this one out. You’re the best of your bloodline, and it’s why you’re here now.

These systems aren’t working. We can make new ones.

There’s only one rule, we need to do it together.

I believe we can. This is my invitation to you. 

With immense gratitude and excitement to be at your service for this special project,  

Amy Miranda

To join in.  This is Step 1.

This is an image with a background of outer space which reads "The Revolutions is Yours"


What We’ve Become.

We didn’t start out this way, disconnected, affected and bleak.

We had everything that we needed, we weren’t always this weak.

We evolved to a life filled with spirit, magic and grace.

We built pyramids, great civilizations, even visited space…

But something else happened. In the need to succeed.

We found money, capitalism, patriarchy and greed.

We fought great wars, we lost connection to nature,

We lost community and found nothing was greater,

We bought, we sold, we allowed a divide.

We judged each other. We hated. So many died.

We got distracted, competed, exhumed.

We stole, we spilled, we ruined, consumed.

We treated this planet, and all on it, like a trash can.

Now we are here, and we must make a plan..

We forgot who we were. We forgot what it means.

We all sit here now, scared, frustrated, unseen.

So this is the time, with all of our technological tools,

That we bring back the connection, we don’t have to be fools.

To rebuild these systems, to remove the greedy from power,

Good and evil do exist and this Good’s hour.

We’re all here for a reason. We all matter here.

This is the time. This is the year.

So all good hearts, come one and come all.

It’s time to come together to fix our little blue and green ball.

We are the generation, we are the solution.

We are the change,  it is our revolution

  • Amy Miranda

December 26, 2018

Step 1 begins here.


Join the Revolution

We are at such a crucial time in our history. If you know me, you know I talk a lot about changing things, making new systems and leading a revolution of love with fierce compassion. Current systems aren’t working. It’s time we choose a new way forward.

This is not affiliated with any political movement, this is human to human. This is in the tradition of community, storytelling and return to connection. This is where we begin.

My hope is that this will be the largest collaboration in the history of humanity. How many people? How many countries? It’s up to us.

We can do this, but it has to be together.

Here is how it begins. With you.

The thousand mile journey begins with a single step.
This is step 1.

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