1999 – Via

[ dot calm]
Proposal, opportunity, elevation. I wonder ever so softly and at this very moment I realize that calm is far sweeter than rushed. I wonder all of these things-life, light, illusion, faith, Throwing it all into the air, all of the worries. I am wondering if life bleeds as much wonder for you. Relaxed, poised, aligned with the planets. I hope that I am right. As I lay here I wonder what it would be like. Something tells me that it will all come to me. When the time is right. That the unexpected can be a hidden diamond in the rough. I am listening. Magic rises up from the pit of my stomach and I leave the burning past behind me. Entering into valleys and visions of peace. I feel like i’m falling so deep in life right now. Something is just about to shift. Everything has the doppler effect, and I run home

[ n e t w o r k ]
There’s a charge tonight, a faint electric ringing that immediately thrusts me into full consciousness. It makes me burningly aware of the heart beating in my chest. The energy pumping hot through my veins, the very essence of it all. You know there’s that moment when you just feel ‘it’, when nothing else matters but that refreshing charge of your very own soul, pulsing out it’s own beat. That instant of pure biofeedback, caught up in this great big complex biological machine. When every subtle movement shoots sparks of hot kinetic energy between your ears. What a marvel it really is that we’re all here on this planet hurdling through space and time on the tip of a galaxy just flying through this even bigger network called the Universe. How majestic. It seems surreal but it really is happening. We are floating through space on a big ball of dirt, metal and sky, just beginning to understand. There’s this origin of it all. This huge ‘where did this come from?’ and ‘where is it going?’ And here we are, these fleshy miracle machines wandering in the great abyss of it all as the sun rises and sets. And within all of this circuitry we achieve and we fail. Looking in on life, it all plays out like a labyrinth of epic proportions. It’s all turning and swirling into our final destinations. Like interstellar music, composed to the rhythm of the stars. Rushing through tunnels and wormholes in preparation for this brilliant arrival. It all came bursting out of thischarge in the air tonight. As the planets align overhead and the earth spins on it’s axis. The farmilliar moon grins boldly at us from its place in the night sky. It’s almost as if everything was meticulously sketched out on some intergalactic blueprint designed to guide us through each and every moment. It’s incredible to think that this is only just the beginning………………………

[ d i g i t a l ]
I inhale looking up at the stars I see through the rings of space and all around me it seems there was new life. Growing from my fingertips, extending to the boundaries of time and space, and whatever lies inbetween. My eyes open and I can see the sounds and hear the visions and for one brief moment there I was complete and content forever and ever. Fertile, was the great blackness of the sky, and inviting were the shimmering planets spinning far off in the distance. For one moment I wish that the people world could see through my eyes. I imagine how completely different everything would be if for a moment they too saw it…. When suddenly something draws me up past the clouds, past the stratus and I am being lifted far beyond the lights and far beyond the black,into colours I could never understand. Towards the great rust of the Martian soils, through the astroid belt and towards the overwhelming prescence of Jupiter, past Uranus and through the rings of Saturn beyond Neptune and Pluto and through the center of this massive Galaxy. I’m travelling past the whispy tails of the Milky Way. I am out further than any human eyes have ever seen. I am in overload, trying, fumbling to make sense of it all, up, up. I see my planet, so injured so bright. I see all that live there, I embark on the journey through the phyllum. I feel an overwhelming sense of pain and anguish for it all. No sense anymore of space or time or direction. I just AM. I look back at that galaxy where I live and it’s beauty overcomes every cell of my being. “How dare I wake up and not think of you.” I silently say to my home. The vividness of it all shakes me and I want to got back, I’m falling gently back to the pale blue dot now, never wanting my journey on this planet to end. It’s coming towards me this great blue being and I feel her smiling at me, it is my homecoming. Holding out her great arms to lessen the blow of my fall. Proud that I have evolved into who I have become. I am back again on her soils and like a journey that never too place I exhale.