[ Perspective ]
Perspective is a curious thing. One moment you can be positive you know all there is to know about something, anything, and the next moment a tiny detail has the power to throw that whole universe of thought off its axis. In all of life’s brilliant mysteries there’s that one piece of everything that makes you comfortable. The movement of the clouds, the tick of a clock, the air in your lungs, the millions of stars out there. That tiny piece of sky that makes it okay, not be asking constant questions. The incredible discoveries lurking just around the next corner…. That sweetest detail, when all is right. Like a perfect symphony of sounds and thoughts all at once. All contrived in the heat of the moment, and the burning pulse of one second in your life. The film rolls on as it always has, the moon continues to pull at the oceans, and the steady beat inside your chest drives it all forward. Like coming home again after an extended abscence. That revelation that we’re all spinning in the bigger piece of it all helping you to let all the moments rush back by your eyes like movies. Almost like a warm hug of wine dancing through the entire system, and it’s all okay forever. Coming back out of the tunnel in somewhere new, and great and different, not so much later. With the grain, we all flow through the river of experience, changing direction, with perspective.

[ Era ]
Life, and all that it has to offer can sometimes be overwhelming. The deluge of information, events, experiences, desires, and needs can sometimes lead one to withdraw, to be reactionary instead of responsive. In an overwhelmed state, we find it easier to lash out than to REACH out. Sometimes seeming to define one’s world through the filters of criticism and cynicism (for one’s self as well as others) instead encouragement and praise (again for one’s self as well as others) And through this flood it is sometimes forgotten that we, within ourselves have the power and means to TRANSCEND the deluge, to shape our own world to be able to channel the unrelenting force into constructive avenues that can nurture the world around us, instead of destroy it… Little do we realize that at times, the first to bear the brunt of the destructive energy that we sometimes harness, are our own souls. It is through DANCE that I have found TRANSCENDENCE. Music has taught me how to fly using wings i never knew i had. Lifting me above the seemingly relentless tides of time and change. It is through music and Dance that my soul is free to soar amongst the heavens and inner dimensions, allowing a clearer view into the nature of the world that i am creating around me (allowing a clearer view of us) It is there that i am able to discern the path to consciousness, that seemingly elusive inner light which is often dimmed by the trials we face on a daily basis. For now, the light is there for me, the path illuminated. I shall follow it again….We stand together at the threshold of a new era. A new range of dimensions and possibilities. I invite you all to take my hand and join me as we move forward to dance brothers and sisters, dance….