Shot of Wonder

When I need a dose of wonder, most of the time I go to space. It’s hard not to feel a special connection to the divine when you dive into the infinite celestial body.

This is one of our favourite go to doses.
Please enjoy.


Ascension Institute: Recommended Reading, Listening and Exploring.

“Have you read…?” is a common phrase around here. “Have you heard … ?” is just as common. We also frequently say “you may be moved to explore…” So here’s a constantly evolving list of what we’re recommending.


The Tao Of Pooh – Benjamin Hoff
Soul Retrieval – Sandra Ingerman
The Tao Te Ching – Lao Tzu
The Union of Isis & Thoth – Nikki Scully
Way of the Shaman – Michael Harner
The Tao of Wu – RZA
Waking the Witch – Pam Grossman
Initiated – Amanda Yates Garcia
Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert
Witches of America – Alex Mar
Magic for the Resistance – Michael H. Hughes
Animal Speak – Ted Andrews
Daring Greatly – Brene Brown
Animal Spirit Guides – Steven D. Farmer
Seat of the Soul – Gary Zukav
The Dancing Wu-Li Masters – Gary Zukav
Billions & Billions – Carl Sagan

What we’re listening to:

The Shaman’s Cave – Podcast – With Sandra Ingerman & Renee Baribeau
Strange Magic – Podcast – Sarah Faith Gottesdiener & Amanda Yates Garcia

We recommend exploring:

Daniel Leonard – Medicine Circle
Sandra Ingerman – Sandra
Torie Michelle Feldman – Lunar Fossil
Amanda Yates Garcia – Oracle of Los Angeles
Susan Miller – AstrologyZone
Sarah Faith Gottesdiener – Gottess / Visual Magic
Lisa Labute – The Goods
Amy Miranda – 1994-2003
Amy Miranda – 1998
Amy Miranda – – 1997